Your Dentist in Bayside NY Shows how to Protect Chipped Teeth

For most people, the moment when you know you’ve broken a tooth feels like something out of a bad dream. It can happen for many different reasons from biting into a piece of hard candy to falling down during a sporting event. As you run to the mirror to examine the extent of the damage, all you can do is hope that you’re able to repair it as soon as possible. No matter what, the best thing to do after you’ve chipped or broken a tooth is to remain as calm as possible and get in touch with your dentist as soon as you can.
Before You See Your Dentist in Bayside NY, Dr. Davanzis
If you’re experiencing any discomfort around the broken tooth, a great way to alleviate soreness is to apply an ice pack to the affected area. This will numb your mouth and also help to reduce soreness and swelling. Rinsing your mouth with warm salt water can also reduce discomfort, acting as a disinfectant and keeping any cuts in your mouth from getting worse. Lastly, be sure to stay away from any foods that may irritate your teeth even more like sugary drinks and hot coffee. Drink lots lukewarm water and soft foods like fish and rice that won’t cause further inflammation or tenderness. 
If you happen to have the part of your tooth that was broken or chipped off, remember to save it and show Dr. Davantzis at your appointment. He may be able to bond it back to your tooth in some cases. 
What to Expect At Your Appointment
If you have a minor chip, normally Dr. Davantzis will be able to correct the damage in one visit. We can either smooth out the chip or use a filling to restore it back to its natural shape. However, more serious chips and breaks may require a longer consultation with Dr. Davanztis to figure out the best option for you. Broken teeth are often repaired with a dental crown or implant depending on what will leave your smile looking and feeling strong in the long-run. 
No matter how stressful dealing with a broken tooth can be, you can always take comfort in that Dr. Davantzis will work with you to fix any issues you may be having quickly and effectively. 
To learn how how to protect your smile throughout your daily routine, give your dentist in Bayside NY a call at (718)-279-9700 and schedule your consultation at Northern Plaza Dental Care.