Dentist in Bayside NY Discusses Porcelain Crowns

If tooth decay is a problem for you, we may offer to give your teeth 'crowns', or 'caps', which are basically an artificial tooth cover that gives the decayed tooth a much better look and feel, enhances the functionality of the tooth, and protects it from further damage. Before crowns are considered, the tooth must be carefully examined, and a decision will be made by the dentist to fix the tooth and keep it, or to have it removed because it is too far decayed.
Most patients choose crowns over having regular fillings for cavities or more serious tooth decay, because of the cosmetic enhancement and the protection the crown gives the tooth. Before a crown is fitted, the rotted portion of the tooth must be fixed, which consists of removing the rotted portion, and using filling to stabilize the structural integrity of the tooth.
Receiving porcelain crowns is a fairly easy and fast process, depending on how many you are set to receive. The procedure may require more than one appointment, depending on the scheduling and the period the dental professionals have to work in the first appointment. Which mostly consists of repairing the decay and taking impressions of the tooth so that the crown fits perfectly within your smile for cosmetic appeal and functionality.
The second visit is set to have the one or more crowns fitted onto your teeth. There may be a bit of a delay between the appointments because the impressions are sent off to a laboratory to have the custom crowns made using the impressions your dentist in Bayside, NY took of your teeth. This final step of the process is easy and doesn't require much time to finish.
Rest assured, you will absolutely love your porcelain crowns when everything is finished. It is like getting a whole new tooth that looks great, feels wonderful, and functions perfectly as to not impede your smile and bite.