Dental Implants in Bayside NY

Replacing missing teeth is going to be a top priority during your dental care because of the problems that can persist if gaps are left unattended. Bridges can be an option, which can be very effective, but dental implants may be a much better option for you. The procedure has become very popular among many people who need replacement teeth because of the stability and permanence of the structure.
Implants are exactly what they sound like. A metal rod is fused to your jaw bone in the place where a tooth would be, it protrudes the gum line, where an artificial tooth can be attached to the metal rod. Think of implants as using mechanical fasteners like screws, or bolts, to put something together. In this case, we can fasten a tooth or even all your teeth to your jaw, as a natural tooth is.
The natural appearance of dental implants is the biggest factor for some. They do what real teeth do, so they look the best. The other option is dentures, and people don't want to be taking their teeth out of their mouth at night, during meals, or at any other time. Dental implants are just like getting brand new teeth, because it is essentially exactly that. They look real, feel real, function perfectly, and create a precisely symmetrical smile that'll make you look and feel great.
A dental implant requires dental specialists that have the training to undergo such an advanced procedure efficiently. Dental implants last for your entire life, and we make absolutely sure that you are comfortable, and the implants are properly cared for after the procedure.
There may be some cons to this sort of advanced procedure that will turn some people away. However, these problems are minimal, and we do everything we can to make the experience as comfortable as possible. The process takes time, which some people just don't have, so maybe planning your dental implants during a vacation period, or if you can take sick days from work may be an option, but several visits to the dentist will be required.
Financing the implants are a big concern throughout the community. Unfortunately, since the procedure is so effective and popular, insurance companies are reluctant to cover any of the costs associated with dental implants. However, our prices are extremely competitive, and we will speak with you about some options that will help you to pay for the implants.
This con always breaks our hearts. Dental implants aren't 100% successful. While in recent years, and even months, the success rate has improved because of more research and using better materials and products to make the teeth, the average fail rate among dental implants sits at around 5%. There are certain traits that some people have that can increase the failure rate, which will be talked about well in advance of scheduling a dental implant procedure. We make sure that we create the best chance of success.
There are four types of dental implants. Some are better for others, and your dentist will determine the best course of action and the proper materials to use to increase the success rate significantly.
Root Form Implant - You'll likely receive this type of implant, as most patients do. The titanium rod is placed and fused to your jaw bone, creating a much sturdier structure, and even is shaped like real tooth roots.
Plate Form Implant - Narrow jawbones may get this implant, because it offers more surface area under the gums to form near the jawbone, ensuring the most stability and the best success rate. This implant isn't forcibly put into your jawbone. The bottom root of the rod is a long, flat piece of titanium that acts as a base for the entire structure. It is inserted near the jawbone, so during the healing process, the jawbone and tissue will form around the base, creating a very sturdy implant that will last a lifetime.
Subperiosteal Implants - Shallow jawbones may require this sort of implant. Some people have small jawbones, which aren't wide or deep enough to handle having a root or plate formed into the bone and the tissue surrounding it. There just isn't enough material there to ensure proper fusion and stability. So, the option is to insert the subperiosteal implant that has a metal frame that is similar to the plate form structure, but sits below the gum tissue, where the depth of the implant can be determined during the procedure but will never penetrate your jawbone.
Mini Dental Implants - Everything is mini nowadays, even dental implants. This procedure is less invasive and requires less time than any other type of implant. Depending on the number of implants you are set to receive, your dentist may be able to finish the procedure in one visit using local anesthetic. Mini dental implants are basically inserted into the gums, which is an easy process. Then, the artificial tooth is fastened onto the rod via a ball and socket type of fastener inside the tooth.
Post Procedure Care
Your dentist will work out a schedule with you after you receive your dental implants in Bayside, NY. Depending on which one you get, you'll be asked to come back soon, to ensure proper fitting and success. We also want to know about implants that fail right away, so we can fix the problem immediately. Everything from medications to cleaning to eating and drinking will be covered by your dentist and you'll be given plenty of physical material to take home for your reference during the healing stage.
We welcome any questions regarding dental care, whether it's about regular dental care, family care, or specific procedures, we are here to help. Please call Northern Plaza Dental at 718-279-9700 today to request a consultation with Dr. Davantzis. Our proud staff is willing to help anyone with any dental problems and with knowledge of their dental care at home. Once you come see us at Northern Plaza Dental Care, you'll see why we are the premier dental care office in the Bayside, NY area.