Get a Hollywood Smile with Your Cosmetic Dentist in Bayside

There was a time that beautiful smiles were only possible in Hollywood. Thanks to technology and anti-aging dentistry, these Hollywood smiles are now a reality for all. Aside from brushing and flossing daily, here are some ways to get that gorgeous white smile you desire with your cosmetic dentist in Bayside, Dr. Davantzis.
Teeth Whitening
You won’t find a celebrity walking around with yellow or stained teeth. That’s why teeth whitening is one of the more popular options available in cosmetic dentistry. Whether you choose an at-home tray or in-office treatments, whitening the teeth is easy and simple.
In addition to white teeth, celebrities also have straight teeth. Whether you opt for the traditional route of orthodontics or go with the clear Invisalign way, you can easily have straight teeth as well. 
Dental Veneers
Veneers are a part of cosmetic dentistry that keep you smiling for years to come. There are several reasons you might want dental veneers:
Tooth discoloration
Worn down enamel 
Teeth that are crooked
Unsightly gaps
Cosmetic Bonding
Dental bonding is a nice alternative to veneers and it’s possible to repair the appearance and structure of your teeth. This is most commonly used if you have teeth that are:
Crowns aren’t just something that royalty wears; there are also dental crowns. These are placed on top of damaged or broken teeth to restore the strength, shape, size and appearance. When they are cemented into the mouth, they cover all of the visible parts of your tooth. This makes it simple to alter the appearance of your worn out smile with a few crowns.
Best Way to Get a Healthy Smile
What’s the best way to achieve a beautiful smile? By brushing and flossing of course! Make sure you are practicing a good oral health routine if you want to go out with a perfect Hollywood smile.
While these procedures are all commonly used in Hollywood, they might not all be right for your individual needs. It’s important to speak with your cosmetic dentist in Bayside about your concerns regarding your dental appearance. Then, you can make a plan to move forward with the treatment options that are best for you. Dr. Davantzis can be reached at Northern Plaza Dental Care by calling 718-279-9700.