Bayside General Dentist Discusses Von Ebner Glands

Your saliva is essential for taste, digestion and to protect your mouth. There are many salivary glands located in the mouth, let’s take a closer look with your Bayside general dentist, Dr. Davantzis.
What Are von Ebner Glands?
There are a total of six salivary glands in the mouth. They are located on the cheeks, the floor of your mouth, palate, pharynx, lips and tongue. The von Ebner glands are otherwise known as the serous glands. They are minor glands located near the back of your tongue. 
One of their roles is to secrete amylase. This digestive enzyme breaks down food as you chew it. This gland also aids your taste. 
Glands and How They Affect Taste
Your tongue contains more than a thousand taste buds. These are referred to as papillae and are spongy bumps. Your von Ebner glands are found right by the circumvallate and foliate papillae. These are at the back of your tongue. When you drink or eat, the liquid that comes from the substance flows over these glands which send the flavor to your brain.
The von Ebner glands secrete protein unlike anything else found in the mouth. It’s compared to the nasal cavity, which means that these glands play a bigger role in taste than we even know right now.
What Affects the Taste?
Your tasting ability is altered by conditions of your papillae or dry mouth. Reduction in saliva production happens for many reasons, but often leads people to struggle with their taste receptors. Some common causes include:
Health conditions
Cancer treatment
Using an alcohol mouthwash
Tobacco usage
Drinking alcohol or using illegal drugs
That’s why it’s so important that you seek Dr. Davantzis's help if you suffer from a dry mouth. Not only could it be the sign of something more severe, but it also hinders your tasting ability. Your Bayside general dentist will work with you to create a plan that alleviates some symptoms and encourages you to maintain proper oral hygiene. There are plenty of ways to treat a dry mouth, so you don’t need to suffer any longer. Pick up the phone and make an appointment today.