Bayside Family Dentist Shares the Importance of Drinking Water

Are you surprised that drink water can improve your smile? Don’t worry, most people aren’t aware of the impressive ways water can improve your smile. Keep reading to learn the different ways drinking more water is going to give you a healthier, brighter smile with the help of your Bayside family dentist, Dr. Davantzis.
Don’t Forget: Fluoride is in Drinking Water
Regardless of your stance on whether fluoride should be in drinking water, it is unavoidable. Here are the main reasons fluoride will improve your smile: 
- Fights cavities 
- Strengthens teeth
- Prevents tooth decay
Ultimately, drinking water (with fluoride) promotes a smile that doesn’t have brown spots of rot and also helps you keep your teeth! 
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Drinking Water is Essentially a Rinse! 
After you eat food or drink something that has a lot of sugars or acids, drinking water helps rinse it all away. It is great for keeping your mouth clean in between brushing. It is important to do this because foods, sugars and acids left behind wear away the enamel which will darken (stain) your smile and make it susceptible to cavities, tooth rot, and gingivitis. 
Dry Mouth Is a Great Place for Bad Bacteria 
You may not know this, but saliva is a major player in preventing tooth decay and cavities. If you are low on saliva, your mouth becomes dry and the bad bacteria can create plaque and nestle in easier. Drinking water actually promotes saliva production, making it less likely that you will have bad bacteria throwing a party in your dry mouth! 
Water Doesn’t Stain
When you are thirsty, it may come as no surprise that you are inundated with choices… Coffee, tea, soda, juice and of course, water. Each beverage choice that isn’t water will undoubtedly stain your teeth over time. 
Clearer beverages (such as Sprite and green tea) do not have dark color particles that will adhere to your teeth and stain. However, clear sodas still contain acidic elements and sugar that will negatively impact your smile. Green teas have some levels of caffeine which can lead to dry mouth. So, while these drinks won’t stain your teeth, they still promote unhealthy levels of bad bacteria in your mouth. 
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