Dentist Bayside Your Mouth has Loose Lips!

What is Revealed During your Dental Exam may Surprise You


A dental exam is an important aspect of maintaining a healthy mouth, healthy body, and good quality of life. It may not seem like it's "all that," but it is. When you see your Bayside family dentist, your mouth reveals quite a bit about your health, about what you may (or may not) being doing on a daily basis and more.  Let's take a look at what happens when your dentist looks around your mouth.


Your Teeth Say . . .


  • I love my soda! You may think that the way your dentist can tell you have a bit of a soda habit is by how many cavities have developed since your last exam and cleaning. On the contrary, the prevalent problem amongst soda-drinkers, as well as kids who routinely consume sports drinks, is erosion. Enamel that is frequently bathed in the acidic ingredients of soda and sports drinks wears down. This can lead to discoloration, as dentin starts to show through, and problems like wear patterns and cracks.
  • I am stressed! Bruxism is a common problem among people who are chronically stressed (and who isn't, really?). This habit often goes on in the dark of night, while you sleep, so you may not even know you're grinding or clenching until your dentist notices evidence like chips, cracks, loose gum tissue, and excessive wear. Also, bruxism is a major factor in the development of TMJ disorder, which can cause jaw pain and popping when you chew.


Your Gums Say . . .


  • Someone just flossed! This is an ironic detail that the mouth divulges; that you decided there was no time like the present to floss, seeing as you were about to see the dentist. Funny thing, though; if you haven't made flossing a habit, you are likely to still exhibit the indicators of gingivitis or, worse, gum disease. Flossing either right before your checkup, or even the night before, could leave subtle marks on the gums that are obvious under magnification.


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