Dentist Bayside Why You Should Always Smile

Flushing NY Dentist on the Power of a Smile

It is the top priority of your Flushing NY area dentist Dr. Davantzis to see you smile. It is the reason the doctor works so diligently at helping sustain and improve your smile, and giving you all of the information and aids you could need outside of our office to upkeep your oral health regimen. Dr. D sees first hand every single day how important the smile can be to not only how a patient looks, but how they feel inside too.


With that in mind, below we have supplied some reasons that may often be overlooked for why, if you can smile, you should be doing it all the time!


You Look and Feel Great!

There is very little doubt that when you smile- you look your best. From a physical standpoint, smiling engages certain muscles in the face that ward off the development of wrinkles and other signs of age. Smiling can, on average, make you look some five years younger…who wouldn’t want that?! Not to mention, smiling genuinely (not fake smiling) can release endorphins and hormones into your system that can fight off depression, pain, and sickness- so you can always be your best while you smile!


Smiling Sends The Right Signal

By smiling, you can display all sorts of emotions you may not be able to just come out and say. You can show your nervousness about a first date, or attract a special someone from across the room- all with a smile. Nothing tells your soon-to-be new boss how confident like they should be in hiring you if you smile big and deliver a firm handshake. Smiling says the things we can’t say sometimes- things that could make a huge positive impact in your life!


Your Smile Helps Others

As cliché as it can sound, smiling is actually contagious. About 50% of the people you smile at will return the smile or go on to smile at someone else. Doesn’t it feel good knowing you can change someone’s day and have them experience all of the above benefits just with a simple smile?!


To keep your smile at its best and worthy of showing off to the world on a daily basis- call your Flushing NY dentist at Northern Plaza Dental Care today at (718) 279-9700.