Dentist Bayside Should Retainers be Worn 24/7?

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Retainers are usually recommended by dentists after an orthodontic treatment such as wearing braces; this is called as the retention phase. Wearing your retainer is important as the straightening process continues while wearing it.


Why should retainers be worn?

After having your braces removed, there is a tendency for a relapse. A relapse is the condition where your teeth may shift back to their original alignment or position. One way of fighting this condition is by wearing retainers. If not religiously followed as directed by the dentist, there are cases wherein people need to repeat wearing braces for a second or third time later on.


How soon should you have your retainers?

This has to be done immediately. After your braces, your dentist will give you retainers for you to wear. The length of time you need to wear them will vary depending on your situation and the dentist’s advice. Commonly, dentists instruct their patients to wear these for twenty-four hours, seven days a week for the next several months up to two years. There are only a few dentist who would end the retention period for six months or less. Most would recommend wearing it for over a year.


How often should you visit your dentist for check-ups?

When you had your braces, you are required to visit your dentist regularly as per his advice. Now that you are on your retention period, there are dentists that require their patients to be checked for three or more times during the first year.


How do you clean dental retainers?

It is not enough that you brush your teeth thoroughly while you are on your retention period. Dental retainers get the same amount of bacteria, plaque, and tartar while on your mouth. It is necessary that you clean them carefully. Disinfecting them is also needed to make them stay clean and odour free.



Remember that you have gone too far with your braces, wearing your retainers and following your dentist would not hurt you. It is important to adhere to specific instructions that your dentist tell you to make your orthodontics process successful.