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One of the most common areas and reasons patients come in to visit Northern Plaza Dental Care is for teeth sensitivity. This issue is so common, in fact, that it is estimated about half of the world’s population will be battling sensitive teeth at any given time. Today we wanted to give you some information on the causes and solutions to teeth sensitivity to help any ache you may be experiencing.



While the circumstances surrounding every individual patient's case is unique, we do often see trends in what we do. Many times the root cause of sensitivity will be directly linked to a lifetime of eating and drinking sugary and acidic foods and beverages. Over time these items can cause decay in the teeth, resulting in microscopic holes forming in the teeth that can lead all the way to the center where the nerve is. It is then when these nerves are exposed, via the holes, to substances, whether they are hot coffee, cold ice cream or anything else- that they can begin to throb and ache.



By taking a walk down the oral health care aisle of your local pharmacy, one will discover plenty of products promising relief from your sensitive teeth aches. And while most of these products will offer a temporary stop to the pain- they are not a final solution. Many of these pastes, gels, and other products simply contain oral numbing agents but do not fill in the holes that cause the sensitivity. See your Bayside family dentist Dr. Davantzis for his recommendations on restorative treatment for your smile!


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