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Periodontal Care

In addition to taking care of the decayed and broken down parts of your teeth, it is important to maintain and care for their foundation, otherwise known as your gingiva or 'gums'. Often, periodontal problems go unnoticed since there may not be any outward symptoms. Deep scaling and root planing are completed first, in an effort to allow the gums and bone to heal, minimizing the need for surgery. Medications can effectively reduce bacterial levels, allowing the gums to heal quicker. In addition, proper periodontal maintenance will help decrease the incidence of bad breath. If you're suffering from bad breath, there's a good chance periodontal therapy will solve your problem. 


Left untreated, periodontal disease will eventually result in the loss of your teeth. Often painless, periodontitis can cause bone loss without your knowledge. Just because you don't have any pain does not mean you do not have a problem.


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