Dentist Bayside Keeping Your Toothbrush Clean

Bayside NY Dentist on Preventative Steps to Take

As a dentist in Bayside NY, Dr. Davantzis utilizes the most sophisticated, current technology on a daily basis to keep your mouth healthy and strong. It is in preventing disease, as well as improving oral health the doctor must utilize these various tools and instruments, but all of them may fail in comparison to one tool you can use yourself on a daily basis.


This tool we are referencing is your toothbrush. By using your toothbrush twice daily, for at least two minutes per session and by utilizing proper technique- you can be fighting off bacteria, disease and more that can have major implications for the health of your entire body. We all know, of course, that your toothbrush spends most of its time in a state of relaxation- taking up residency on your sink, most likely. So what can you do before and after brushing to help ensure that your brush is as healthy as it can be?


To begin, make sure you wash your bristles off under hot water before and after brushing. This combination of heat and flow will allow for any remaining clinger particles to be dislodged. Next, make sure to place your brush upright in a container that allows for it to get plenty of airflow. Make sure the brush head does not make contact with other brushes or surfaces and that you do not share a toothbrush with anyone else. Lastly, try to replace your brush every 3-4 months to ensure it is still in the best shape and it is not ultimately compromised.


Of course, your daily oral health regimen is only one part of the ultimate solution. In addition- make sure you eat a healthy, balanced diet and visit your dentist in Bayside NY for twice daily check-ups and cleanings to have your smile always be as healthy and bright as it can be.


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