Dentist Bayside How to maintain your veneers?

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Veneer is the strongest restoration a dentist could offer to his/her patients; it is made of porcelain that is actually stronger that your natural tooth. This procedure could be the best fit for all ages who feel unhappy with the appearance of their teeth. Over time with the normal stress of chewing foods, the material that is used to create veneer can obtain small fractures that may lead to a huge disastrous fracture. But with proper care, the lifespan may increase over the years as it may last a maximum of 20 years with the same quality and features.


Below are the guides on how to maintain your veneers:


▪      Proper oral hygiene should be observed

It is important to brush and floss regularly to keep your teeth and gums clean. It is the major factor for long lasting veneers. Your veneer may start getting decay chip and cavities. This will then damage your veneer and shorten its lifespan. 


▪      Avoid using your teeth with veneer to open packages and bottle

Do not put intense force to your veneer like opening bottles or food plastic packaging as it could cause dental erosion, chips, or cracks.


▪      Protect your Veneer using a mouth guard

Use a mouth guard to protect your veneer if you engage in active sports like football and boxing. You should consider using a mouth guard if you have a habit of clenching or biting your teeth. Some people grind their teeth while sleeping.


▪      Avoid staining your veneer

Wearing a veneer can actually protect your real teeth from discoloration. However, after 5 years, the veneer will start to show signs of discoloration, which usually occurs on the margins where veneers and your tooth meet. It is better to avoid food or drinks that could stain your veneer easily.



The longer lifespan of dental veneer lies on the patient’s awareness and the dentist’s proper application of the materials and techniques.