Dentist Bayside How to Clean Dentures?

Bayside Family Dentist offers tips on how to clean your dentures the right way


Getting dentures can involve tweaking your lifestyle just a little bit. It is important that your dentures get the proper care and maintenance. We will be giving you a bunch of tips in taking care of your dentures so that you won’t have to look any further.

  • When holding your dentures, be sure not to grip it so tight. This may cause bending and physical damage. You want your dentures to fit as perfectly as when you first got them.
  • Clean your dentures with a brush and a denture cleaning agent that is non-abrasive. Make sure that you remove all remaining deposits, including plaque and food. Do this at least once a day.
  • Do not clean your dentures inside your mouth.
  • After eating, remove your dentures and rinse with clean water to get rid of loose food.
  • Brush your natural teeth and the insides of your mouth with a soft-bristled toothbrush after taking off your dentures.
  • When cleaning your dentures, it’s best to cover the floor of the sink and the counter with a towel just in case you drop them. Dentures can be quite fragile.
  • If you have conventional or removable dentures, do not go to sleep wearing them. Soak your dentures in water or denture solution overnight to keep them moist and in shape.
  • After soaking your dentures in water or denture solution overnight, rinse them thoroughly in clean water. Never put them back in your mouth without rinsing, especially if you are using denture solution as it contains dangerous chemicals that can induce pain and vomiting when swallowed.
  • Immediately visit your dentist if your dentures no longer fit your teeth snugly. This can lead to sores, irritation, and even infection.
  • See your dentist as per required, and have your dentures regularly examined and cleaned.



Apart from the tips shown above, it is also important that you keep your dentures away from abrasive cleaning agents such as whitening toothpaste, products with bleaching action, stiff-bristled toothbrushes, and hot water. Keep all these in mind, and you’re all set to get your very own dentures.