Dentist Bayside Handling Dental Emergencies

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Dr. Davantzis, your cosmetic dentist in Bayside NY knows that all sorts of issues may arise when we are closed for business. Dental emergencies do not wait for anyone, stick to any schedule or neglect any individual despite your best efforts. While suffering any serious emergency, such as broken jaw or other substantial trauma, you should call 9-1-1 or seek the emergency room…we are here to help you as soon as we possibly can. Below are a few common dental emergencies that may arise, and how to help cope with them until you can make it into office.


When a tooth is knocked out, the first step is to find said tooth and ensure it is to clean it or wash the tooth off. Without pushing too hard, affecting the nerve or the root, try to place the tooth back into the socket where it came from. If this is not possible, place the tooth between the gum and the cheek or in a glass of milk on your way to your appointment. Most adult teeth are capable of being re-implanted rather easily, but it is the care in the moments following the incident that can ultimately dictate the future of the tooth.


While a tooth that is cracked or broken cannot be simply “put back in the socket,” there are a number of ways they can be fixed by your cosmetic dentist in Bayside. If you break or crack a tooth, make sure to wash your mouth out with warm water first to get any of the sharp shards out and avoid lacerations. Apply a cold compress to the area of injury to reduce swelling and head to our office, with any fragments (if you have them), as soon as possible. To reduce the risk of this injury occurring, do not chomp down on any hard items such as popcorn kernels, candy, ice, or try to open items with your teeth. Also, make sure to wear a mouth guard while playing contact sports.


Every day the potential for a detrimental dental dilemma can arise, regardless of what we are involved in. Take comfort in knowing that an overwhelming majority of these injuries can be fixed efficiently and rather quickly by your cosmetic dentists in Bayside NY at Northern Plaza Dental Care, as soon as you can make it into the office safely. Call (718) 279-9700 to schedule an appointment.