Dentist Bayside Differences of Dentures

Flushing dentist offers two varieties of dentures for patients


Flushing area patients who are considering their tooth replacement options are encouraged to speak with a dentist who offers restorative dental care. Dr. Theo Davantzis of Northern Plaza Dental Care works closely with individuals who are unsure as to how they should replace their missing teeth in the most economical way. Most patients are appropriate candidates for solutions such as dentures.


Dentures come in two varieties including full and partial. Dr. Theo Davantzis can work with patients to discuss which is best.



A full denture is a denture that is designed to replace all the teeth within a dental arch. Full dentures are the ones patients commonly think of when they hear the word “dentures.” Full dentures are made of acrylic and include false teeth and false gums. They may be held in place with natural suction or with the assistance of dental adhesives. In some cases, patients may opt for implant-supported dentures. These are full dentures that use several dental implants along the arch to hold the denture in place and ensure full functionality.



A partial denture is a denture used to replace one or more teeth. Partials are fabricated with acrylic and metal framework and slide into the dental arch, using the existing teeth for support. Partials slide false teeth right where they need to be to ensure   full functionality is restored. Patients love how natural their false teeth look and how discreet the metal framework can be when the dentures are in place.


Full and partial dentures are both readily available at Northern Plaza Dental Care. Patients need to determine which one is best for their specific needs. In some cases, patients may need to have teeth extracted to prepare them for full dentures if they decide to move forward with them.


Ready to learn more about dentures? Dr. Theo Davantzis and the team of Northern Plaza Dental Care can help you discover more about these tooth restoration options and discuss the possibilities of using them to repair your own smile. Call their front office team to schedule an appointment at (718) 279-9700 or visit the practice at 200-12 44th Avenue in Bayside, New York.