Dentist Bayside Dental Implants: Going Beyond the Basics

Dental Implants: Going Beyond the Basics


On the very surface of our awareness, most of us know we want to keep our teeth. Actually, there is an inherent expectation that we will! We do, after all, call them "permanent teeth." What is interesting is that we have this idea that our teeth will stay put even while we also probably know at least one person who has lost theirs. What happens when we lose a permanent tooth? What's the big deal, really, if this does happen? These are important questions because how you answer them determines how you may replace them; and how you replace missing teeth determines your quality of life down the road.


What's the Real Goal?

If you were to think about what you really want to achieve with tooth replacement treatment, what would you say? Is the goal simply to reinstate the structure that you see when you smile? What about chewing and biting? These are things most of us would like to do. In order to do so, though, teeth must be stable, natural or not. Teeth are also integral in how we speak, because without the right number in the right places, we cannot make all the sounds we need to. Finally, teeth are supportive to the face and to the jaw. Without them, and their roots, everything starts to fall apart.


So, the real goals of tooth replacement usually come down to stability and beauty. The best way to achieve this is with dental implants. Patients of our Bayside, NY office who receive this level of care experience benefits like:

  • Heightened confidence. The more natural teeth that need to be replaced, the greater this benefit is. We have treated patients whose natural teeth were a source of pain and embarrassment, who, after getting a whole new smile structured around dental implants, felt confident for the first time in a long time.
  • Confidence doesn't just come down to appearance. If replacement teeth are not secured onto something, how can they stay put when you eat, smile, laugh, or speak? They can't! Teeth that move around in the mouth present quite the problem. Rubbing on the gums can lead to soreness (or sores). Instability can create apprehension to eat a variety of foods, which can have a negative effect on health and wellness.

Why let tooth loss have control over your life? See what's possible with dental implants when you visit Northern Plaza Dental Care.