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Dentist in Queens NY on the origin of Dental Floss

Have you ever wondered where dental floss came from? Well, people of ancient periods often have food stuck between their teeth. As dental floss wasn’t invented back then, people in ancient times used other instruments such as thin wooden sticks (probably the earliest form of toothpicks) as floss. 


Your Dentist in Queens NY Presents the First Official Dental Floss:


The record for first official dental floss, though, was invented by a dentist who lived in New Orleans in 1815. He discovered that a lot of plaque and tartar could be found in the middle of teeth. Hence, he advised patients to use a small thread to clean in between teeth. A thin thread was ideal for cleaning between teeth because it is thin enough to reach those areas of the teeth.


Eventually, the dental floss evolved in 1882 and was mass produced by Codman and Shurtleff. Around ten years after, Johnson & Johnson manufactured dental floss and distributed it to various marketing mediums. Back then, silk was the primary material used for making dental floss. However, it was replaced with nylon in the forties because nylon has a better texture. Eventually, waxed floss was made which has that sliding effect on the teeth.


Contemporary Dental Floss in the Market Today:


Today, many types of dental floss are manufactured and distributed in the market. There are minted floss and even flavored floss. There is even soft floss made for those who have very sensitive gums. The dental floss market has become a rapidly growing industry because of how the doctors promote it. It’s no wonder that many people want to buy dental floss at present.


The dental floss, though a very popular product these days, had its very humble origin in the 1800s. Dental floss eventually became popular because of how effective they are to people’s dental hygiene. Dental floss should be used every day in order to keep your teeth healthy from bacteria and other harmful substances that could be terrible for your mouth as a whole.