Dentist Bayside Cosmetic Visit for Career Boost

See your Cosmetic Dentist for a Career Boost? It's True!


It's hard to imagine that toothlessness was a common condition just 100 years ago. Prior to the 20th Century, about half of all adults had lost all of their teeth, not just a few! Today, we could not imagine visiting a professional of any kind and being greeted by a toothless smile. This is actually because dentistry has advanced sufficiently to where this is far from the norm. More than having teeth, though, today's professional really needs to have teeth that are attractive. Research supports this idea with some very interesting findings.


What does your smile say?

When you partner with your cosmetic dentist in our Bayside dental office, your smile could convey that you are:


  • Youthful. One of the greatest things about simple cosmetic treatments like teeth whitening is that they take years off the smile. In a society that, right or wrong, values youthful energy, a vibrant smile is a true asset for the older adult wanting to stay at the forefront of his or her career.
  • Intelligent. Kelton Research performed market research for the makers of Invisalign, and found that people with aligned teeth had a 45% greater chance of being offered a job than their counterparts who were equally qualified.
  • Healthy. In addition to intelligence, participants in the Kelton study also drew a connection between attractive teeth and general health. People with straight, bright smiles were 47% more likely to be perceived as healthy.
  • Wealthy. Good teeth could make you as much as 58% more likely to look wealthy, according to research findings.
  • Trustworthy. For someone to want to hire you or do business with you (or date you), they will need to sense that they can trust you. The unspoken message of a nice smile is just that! Research demonstrates that about three-quarters of Americans feel more trusting of a person with an attractive smile.


There is something warm and welcoming about a nice smile. Looking at the research, we can see that good teeth mean a lot more than we may have initially imagined. There is no time like the present to address cosmetic concerns related to your smile. For a visit with our friendly dental team, call (718) 279-9700.