Dentist Bayside Causes of Bleeding Gums

Your Flushing NY Dentist offers Periodontal Care to help you maintain healthy gums

In order to stop your gums from bleeding, you should know the reasons why gums bleed. First, keep in mind that healthy gums do not bleed. If you see the gums bleed as you brush you know there is some form of an infection in the gum or gum-line. Early gum disease, called gingivitis, is completely reversible if you take it seriously.


Causes of Bleeding Gums

When the bleeding starts, you need to keep a watch of its regularity. Bleeding gums does not mean brushing for less time but more time and more frequently. Gums bleed because they are inflamed and irritated by food particles. Brushing more frequently and a longer amount of time will hopefully dislodge that irritant and bring down the inflammation. That’s if you catch gum disease in the early stage. Stay aware of the little things in your mouth as you brush.

What you should do if bleeding continues:

If the bleeding continues then you should not put off calling your Flushing NY Dentist for a check up, even if it is not a time for the regularly scheduled check-up. With gingivitis (gum disease) special cleanings using special tools are required. 

The Main Objective

The objective in treating and reversing gum disease known as gingivitis and avoiding the more complex periodontitis, which brings about the progressive loss of the bone around teeth and eventually the loss of teeth or tooth is cleaning the gums.
Periodontitis can lead to heart disease or lung infections as the bacteria travels in the blood stream. Besides brushing more frequently and for longer duration and seeing your Flushing NY Dentist, you definitely need to use a strong anti-bacterial and antiseptic mouth rinse that will reduce the bacteria.
Also, use floss pick and gently slide the pick under gum in line with the tooth, sweeping it back to gum surface to disrupt bacteria under the gum line. Gum disease is reversible, and quite quickly if proper action is taken. So contact our office at (718) 279-9700 to schedule an appointment.