Dentist Bayside Addressing Dental Rumors

Bayside Dentist Defeats Myths

Most rumors or myths, especially ones that we have seen related to healthcare online, can start out as a marketing ploy or as someone who simply isn’t qualified to make assumptions. It is when these rumors of how putting Company X’s black paste, or something of that nature, on your teeth for a whiter smile becomes viral and common thought that it can begin to be detrimental.


As a dentist in Bayside NY, Dr. Davantzis often hears rumors like these from patients and must address them. Dr. D. is not one to pull punches, so will very frankly and honestly answer all of your dental related questions by accessing his years of experience and ever-growing base of knowledge. If there is something the doctor doesn’t know, he will look into it more and get back to you with his advice too.


This relates to today’s blog because we have gathered two popular dental myths that we hear questions about often from patients, and wanted to clear them up for you today:


“Diet Soda is Good For You”

A common misconception or logical fallacy is that if something is not the bad thing, it is automatically a good thing. In this case, if something is not bad for you regular sugary soda- it can’t be bad itself, right? Unfortunately, very wrong. While drinking diet soda will not expose you to the same sugar levels of a regular pop, it does have just as detrimental acids in its content list. These levels of acids can eat away at the enamel and over time cause discoloration, cavities, sensitivity and much more. It is best to avoid these chances and issues altogether by drinking “diet-diet soda,” aka- water.


“Never Brush Bleeding Gums”

Many patients visit Dr. D because they have recently been suffering from a case of sore or bleeding gums. And while there are certain diseases and vitamin deficiencies that can cause bleeding gums, most of the time it is as a result of a poor at-home oral health regimen. If you are not brushing or flossing enough or are doing so improperly, the gums can bleed. Sometimes the only way to beat your bleeding gums is to up your regimen and keep brushing or flossing through them- and you should see improvement in a few days or weeks.


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